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  • CKGLED participate in 2019 PALM EXPO in Mumbai Ind

    CKGLED participate in 2019 PALM EXPO in Mumbai India

  • How To Choose An Outdoor LED Screen

    With the rapid progress and mature outdoor LED display technology, the applications of outdoor led screens are more and more popular. This kind of LED screen can be widely used in Media, Supermarket, Real estate, Road, Education, Hotel, School, etc. While many displays continually appear some problems in recent years, such as fast light decays, low brightness and so on. Because customers often lack some professional knowledge about the LED screen, they don’t know how to choose an outdoor LED display.


    CKGLED team celebrates worker's birthday:Shenzhen Chuangkaiguang Co., LTD (CKGLED), a professional LED display factory who specializes in R&D / PRODUCTION / SALES, was Established in 2012 with a registered capital of $ 12 Million. CKGLED product ranks are indoor/outdoor rental led displays, Ultra small pixel pitch led displays, indoor/outdoor fixed installation led displays, sports /stadium led displays, transparent led displays etc.

  • The Factors That Influence Service Lifespan Of Tra

    The same as traditional LED screens, a transparent screen also has a service life. Theoretically, the service life is 100000h, while many internal and external factors affect the life of an LED screen. According to the previous statistics, the average life of a transparent led screen on the market is about 50000h. Then what kinds of factors will reduce the service life of a transparent LED screen. Hope this article will help you!

  • Outdoor Led Display _ Maintenance Tips Closed

    Summer is the most critical season for LED display maintenance. Because high temperature directly affects the life of Led display, what effect does high temperature have on LED display? Repeated here, led display is mainly used in tr

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