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  • The Factors That Influence Service Lifespan Of Tra

    The same as traditional LED screens, a transparent screen also has a service life. Theoretically, the service life is 100000h, while many internal and external factors affect the life of an LED screen. According to the previous statistics, the average life of a transparent led screen on the market is about 50000h. Then what kinds of factors will reduce the service life of a transparent LED screen. Hope this article will help you!

  • Outdoor Led Display _ Maintenance Tips Closed

    Summer is the most critical season for LED display maintenance. Because high temperature directly affects the life of Led display, what effect does high temperature have on LED display? Repeated here, led display is mainly used in tr

  • even the LED display screens are made in China

    In the evening of July24, Air Force One with president of the USA Barack Obama on board arrived at the Nairobi international airport in Kenya. He is the first USA president who has visited his hometown while in office. Obama was warmly welcomed

  • The Basic Knowledge of Led Display Screen

    1. Frame Refresh Frequency The time of picture being displayed in Led display screen gets updated in unit interval. Usually it is 25Hz、30Hz、50Hz、60Hz and so on. The frame frequency is higher, the continuity of the changed frame i

  • How to select the right LED display product

    How to select the right LED display product? here are the tips to guide you: Determine the purpose for which you will use the LED display screen. Is it for outdoor or indoor video? On what occasion will it be used? Is it a spo