How to select the right LED display product

How to select the right LED display product? here are the tips to guide you:



Determine the purpose for which you will use the LED display screen.

Is it for outdoor or indoor video? On what occasion will it be used? Is it a sports event, a rally, a concert or assembly? Obviously, bigger screens with sharper resolutions are needed for outdoor events especially with a large crowd.


Consider the location where you are going to use the LED display screen.

as well as the prevailing weather condition during the time of utility. In brightly-lit places, brightness of the LED display screen should be controlled. Likewise, you should pick bolder and larger font size for the text to make it more visible to the audience.


Note how far or how near the audience is from the screen.

If the audience is very near the LED display, make sure the screen is just the right size for viewing convenience. Big screens can hurt the eyes when it’s too close to the viewer in the same way that small screens can also damage the vision.


What type of messages are you going to display?

If you want to include images, graphics or photos in your presentation you should choose a full color screen. You may specify with the manufacturer the type of images you will integrate in your ads. This way, the manufacturer can provide you with a LED display screen that has specifications to match your requirements.


An electronic display should be eye friendly.

Therefore you should put it on a level where the viewers won’t have to roll their eyes or crane their necks just to have a glimpse of your ads. Establish the level or height of your LED display at a point where it can easily be viewed. It is important that you select the right size of screen to complement the height or level where it is to be mounted.


Choose a Led display that can display the maximum combination of lines and text size. You should know how many rows of pixels are required for every line of text so you can estimate the size of the screen to accommodate ads that you are going to put on view.


Your Led display should be easy to manage and must be supported by software for video playing to ensure hassle-free operation.


Since electronic gadgets nowadays are constantly upgraded, try to procure the latest model so it won’t become outmoded in just a short period of time. Constant upgrading can be costly so don’t settle for anything that is less than the best.



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