The Basic Knowledge of Led Display Screen

1. Frame Refresh Frequency

The time of picture being displayed in Led display screen gets updated in unit interval. Usually it is 25Hz、30Hz、50Hz、60Hz and so on. The frame frequency is higher, the continuity of the changed frame is better.


2. Refresh Frequency

The time of picture shown in Led display screen gets repeated in each second. Usually it is 60Hz、120Hz and 240Hz. The refresh frequency is higher; the image on Led display screen is more stable.


3. Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is the maximum angle at which a Led display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance. It includes horizontal and vertical view angles.

When the viewers move to the left side or the right side of the Led display panel, they will see the Led display brightness gets decreased; when the brightness is decreased to the half of the maximum, the viewer’s current position angle plus that in the opposite direction is called Horizontal viewing angle; vertical viewing angle can be measured in the same way.


4. Optimum viewing distance

The optimum viewing distance is a distance where user can see all the content of the Led display screen completely, no color cast, at that place the image is clearest for viewer. The optimum viewing distance = pixel pitch / (0.3~0.8), this is an approx. range. For example, Led display P16mm, the best viewing distance is 20~54 meters.


5. Flatness

The surface of Led display panel is not flat per the criterion that will cause the Led display image distortion. The quality of Led display surface roughness is determined mainly by the production process.


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