Outdoor Led Display _ Maintenance Tips Closed

Summer is the most critical season for LED display maintenance. Because high temperature directly affects the life of Led display, what effect does high temperature have on LED display? Repeated here, led display is mainly used in transparent epoxy packaging, high temperature (usually 125 ° C) causes thermal expansion, directly lead to led damage, and surface mount technology products are relatively poor heat dissipation performance, no heat dissipation system, it is possible Leading to the inside of the led display on fire or even fire… Summer is critical to the maintenance of the led display, remember to pay attention to the changes in the led display.


In addition to preventing temperature damage to the led display, rainwater is one of the deadliest factors in electronics. Rainwater intrusion, damage to the wires, causing the LED display to be short-circuited and ignited…. So when designing the screen, it is also very important to do the drainage system.


The impact of lightning on the Led display is one-tenth of the probability of being hit, mainly because electromagnetic waves induce pulse voltage to the power and signal lines, and high heat is generated in the electrical equipment. Therefore, it is also necessary to install lightning protection facilities.


Outdoor full-color led display has become an outdoor advertising tyrant with its low power consumption, high brightness, long life and other advantages, and its body is huge and stands outdoors. In addition to the high temperatures and rains in Guangdong, the typhoon invasion has never stopped. So how to make outdoor full-color led display windproof? The effect of the wind on the Led display is whether the wind is so strong that it blows down the full-color led display placed outdoors, so in the construction phase, the fixing measures must be firmly grasped.



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The Factors That Influence Service Lifespan Of Tra

The same as traditional LED screens, a transparent screen also has a service life. Theoretically, the service life is 100000h, while many internal and external factors affect the life of an LED screen. According to the previous statistics, the average life of a transparent led screen on the market is about 50000h. Then what kinds of factors will reduce the service life of a transparent LED screen. Hope this article will help you!