CKGLED team celebrates worker's birthday:


Shenzhen Chuangkaiguang Co., LTD (CKGLED), a professional LED display factory who specializes in R&D / PRODUCTION / SALES, was Established in 2012 with a registered capital of $ 12 Million. CKGLED product ranks are indoor/outdoor rental led displays, Ultra small pixel pitch led displays, indoor/outdoor fixed installation led displays, sports /stadium led displays, transparent led displays etc. CKGLED is based in Shenzhen and since it’s establishment, CKGLED owns two production bases with over 400 employees , which ensures our capacity of 6000sqm every month. Equipped with a team of professional & experienced technicians and most advanced SIEMENS & PANASONIC production machines, CKGLED aims to produce stable quality products with the highest cost-effectiveness for our global customers. CKGLED’s product quality management is strictly adhering to the ISO9001: 2008 certifications system and 5S management standards. Thanks to those efforts, our products have passed certificates of CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, ETL etc. With an outstanding business performance and good social reputation, CKGLED led displays have been sold all over the world both in and out of China to America, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, France, Italy,Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Thailand, Dubai, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, India etc. more than 50different countries. With our long-term development strategy, sticking to our “GRATITUDE, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION” enterprise management philosophy, CKGLED intends to become the biggest led display international solution & service provider by working & developing together with our customers. CKGLED promises that every client, every order and every feedback will be valued. Let's hold our hands in hands, considering "Showing the beauty of the world"our mission, and creat a more colorful and brighter world.



In order to enhance the cohesiveness of the company's team, increase the sense of belonging of employees, promote the company's corporate culture, form a good corporate cohesiveness and cohesiveness, promote employee awareness and communication, let each employee feel the warmth of the company's big family, the company's trade unions, manpower The Resource Foundation Support Department and the Administration Department jointly organized a birthday party event with the theme of “Love. Dreams”, and was honored to invite representatives of the company’s deputy general manager, trade union chairman, company manager and other representatives to act as guests of the event. Birthday employees celebrate their birthday. The event was led by the leaders, the balloons, the gifts, the candles, the cakes and the sharing of dreams.







The focus of the lens left the birthday of the birthday party, the collective photo for this birthday party painted a perfect end. The cheerful smiles of the employees on the lens are the warmth of the company to build a technology park full of love. The success of this employee birthday party only started for the company's employee activities in the second half of the year, and it is also the beginning of the company's commitment to enrich employees' spare time and care for their employees. I believe that in the following days, with the joint efforts of all employees of CKGLED, we will create a, harmonious, positive and full-spirited working atmosphere for the company, and CKGLED will be more brilliant in the years to come.

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